For all the circus that surrounds the Benghazi investigation, and for all of Clinton’s stonewalling, there is the funny thing about truth—it always comes out.

America was horrified to learn that our troops and CIA officers were told to stand down and do nothing. Rather than interceded in the terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy they were told to look the other way.

Our federal government, and in particular the State Department, overseen by Hillary Clinton at the times, has repeatedly said the stand down order never existed.

We have also been told it was a fast-moving and fluid situation and there was misunderstanding.

Thirteen hours of misunderstanding?

According to three security officers, stationed roughly a mile from the Embassy, they misunderstood nothing.

Mr. Mark Geist, Kris Paronto, and John Kiegen say that they each got the message to do nothing loud and clear. In fact, Kris Paronto said, “The words, ‘stand down’ were used.

There’s no confusion…and we finally bucked orders.” Kelly Tontos says that a CIA officer twice told him to “stand down.”

So, what are we left with? Do you believe the men who were there that night who say they got the order to stay out of it? Or do you believe Hillary Clinton?  

That would be the lady who, whether it was the make believe anti-Islam movie protest, or a terrorist attack, ultimately did nothing. If you are smart, you will put your faith in Gest, Paronto, and Kiegen.

Clinton will walk away unscathed. The laws don’t apply to “royalty.”

She is American’s biggest failure next to her boss, President Obama.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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