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There will always be those who will doubt the existence of Jesus Christ, and for those of us who follow scripture, it has already been foretold that there will always be doubters that will attempt to rewrite history, and those that will demand proof that Christ once walked the earth.

Even if there’s what appears to be “scientific proof” as in the 53-square-foot rectangle of linen known as the Shroud of Turin, bearing the image of a man who is believed by some Christians to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, there will always be those that will claim it to be a medieval fake.

Perhaps that’s the very essence of “faith” regardless of “scientific proof!”

Now there’s additional scientific evidence, a series of recent archaeological discoveries are believed to not only prove that Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible existed, but that His life and death as portrayed in the scriptures happened exactly as described

Biblical scholar and author Robert Hutchinson has compiled the most recent archaeological findings regarding Jesus Christ.

Perhaps the most vital discovery is the ossuaries of James and Caiaphas, two of twelve bone boxes uncovered in a burial cave in Jerusalem.

The first contains the remains of the man who many believe to be Jesus’ brother James. Of course, the second belongs to the biblical Caiaphas, the ancient high priest and bitter Sadducee enemy of Jesus.

“They are discovering archaeological proof, if it is authentic, then it is the first archaeological proof for Jesus. That’s just really, really exciting that they are coming up with the burial boxes of people mentioned in the New Testament,” Hutchinson said.

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