That wonderful sound you’re beginning to hear all across the fruited plains, are the sounds of cash registers ringing load and clear for the first time in 8-long years.

They’re ringing in anticipation of President Trumps arrival and his promise to make “America Great” again, by making “America first” again.

Moreover that “promise” isn’t political spin that both the Republican and Democratic Parties have engaged in for decades, at the expense of the American people, this time “we” (the American people) expect President-elect Trump to follow through, and by the looks of things so do America’s manufacturers.

Amazingly within just a few short weeks after the most historic election within the last 50-years, America’s businesses are ready to burst out and seemingly overnight the confidence and more importantly “good well” between government and the private sector, seems once again aligned and moving in the same direction.

And as part of that realignment and commandment to America’s growth, is North American Automaker also known as FCA which has just announced a $1-billion investment in plants in both Michigan and Ohio, and the addition of 2,000 new American jobs.

FCA has also promised to strengthen its U.S. manufacturing base, along with extending its Jeep® product lineup in America. Moreover FCA US has invested more than $9.6 billion in its U.S. manufacturing facilities and has created 25,000 new jobs.

Moreover the new Trump Administration, obviously understands the nuances of running a business, something that career politicians and in particular the Obama Administration had little understanding of, to them it’s simply a matter of adding additional taxation, regulations and mandates, which has resulted in the worst GDP growth in over 5-decades.

This latest announcement by FCA is the second phase first implemented in January 2016 of industries industrialization plan, which will realign U.S. manufacturing operations to respond to a shift in market demand for trucks and SUVs, and to further expand the Jeep and Ram brands in the U.S.

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Source: Yahoo

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