No matter what President Obama thinks, neither he, nor the federal government are above the law. The man wields a pen like a Jihadist wields a sword.

He hacks away at our liberties in an attempt to cut the head off of the other symbol of America; the rattlesnake on the Don’t Tread on Me, Gadsen flag. Unfortunately, Obama is coming to learn that the rattlesnake strikes back, and rarely does it miss its mark.

Alabama’s Governor Robert Bentley is taking up the issue of the clandestine Middle Eastern refugees (Syria, Iraq, and others) in his state. In doing so he is squaring off with our national leader.

“On three separate occasions I have sent letters to the White House requesting information on the Refugee Reception Program in Alabama and these letters have gone unanswered.”

Obama’s petulant silent treatment is no surprise. The good Governor does not care as it is safety of his citizens that are the most important.

The lawsuit is built around the exclusion of the states, by the federal government who are slipping these un-vetted, un-checked, unknowns from terrorist countries, into our communities via the Refugee Reception Program, the Refugee Admissions Program, and the Refugee Resettlement Program.

Otherwise known as the importing of potential terrorists by the Fellowship of the Jihad. That fellowship being the Administration, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the State Department.

In doing so, the federal government is violating the Refugee Act of 1980 which requires states be involved in the immigration process.

Governor Bentley is 100% correct in that the states should have the ultimate decision when it comes to resettlement of these refugees in their state.

Unfortunately, when you have a megalomaniac sitting in the White House, and his chummy buddy lap-dogs scattered throughout the various departments, it is a constant battle against the fed. Sadly few states have been up to the challenge.

Thankfully Governor Bentley is leading the way.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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