The new tax passed by the Northern Mariana Islands should be a bellwether to us all. The islands are a US territory, and let’s stretch our brains for a minute.

Let’s suppose that passing a $1,000.00 tax on handgun purchases is a trial balloon. Can they get away with it?  Looks like it.

The bill does provide on provision that should give everyone peace of mind (all sarcasm intended).

“An individual is allowed to use a firearm or deadly force in self-defense if: the individual is protecting him- or herself and the use of the firearm or deadly force would prevent the immediate use of force by an aggressor.”

Only as means of self-defense…duh! How many of you gun owners out there just walk around wielding your piece?

“Provided further that this use is based upon the reasonable belief that the aggressor is about to inflict an intentional contact that would or could be reasonably thought to result in serious bodily harm or death and the use of force by the aggressor can safely be prevented only by the immediate use of a deadly force.”

Are they idiots? Don’t answer that. Using a gun as means of self-defense pretty much establishes the fact that the situation could not be resolved any other way.

The intended consequences are to make gun ownership financially out of reach for your average law abiding citizens. How long before something like this "tax" is passed stateside? Our government can't ban the Second Amendment, but they can tax the heck out of it, and trust that they will.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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