If you are a thug shop-lifter who assaults a store employee brandishes a knife and then stabs a marine in the back with his fellow marines nearby, you are gonna get your butt stomped. That is what happened to loser Tyrone Jackson.

Corporal Phillip Duggan on left, Tyrone Jackson on right

He stole a laptop from his local Augusta, Georgia Best Bury store, and made his way for the entrance injuring the employee who confronted him. The marines, who were outside the store, working their annual Toys for Tots charity, stepped in to stop him.

He managed to stab one of the marines in the back (what a coward), and in return he got worked over Semper-Fi style, and landed his broken face, teeth, ribs, ankle and leg, and in general messed up self, in the hospital. The marine who was stabbed, Corporal Phillip Duggan, received treatment for his injury.

You gotta wonder how much of Jackson's ass kicking came from that marine alone. Marines stick together, and you really shouldn’t try to pull some crap on them like Tyrone Jackson did. A pantywaist loser, such as himself, is no match for a real man, one marine, let alone trying to take on four.

In addition to his being a loser, Jackson is a complete moron and got what he rightly deserved.

h/t: TPNN

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