As the disturbing and insulting trend by NFL players to sit during the national anthem has grown with Denver Broncos' Brandon Marshall being the latest player to pull a "Kaepernick" and the entire Seattle Seahawks team threatening to do the same for their game on 9/11 fans are showing that they are fed up.

It's bad enough to be a supporter of the Black Lives Matter hate group but by snubbing America's flag and anthem by these extremely well paid players who have benefitted from so much opportunity and support it's become an insult that Americans can no longer tolerate.

The NFL has sat idle and allowed this absolute crap fester and done nothing. With a total lack of action to stop the anti-American stand from these players are taking the fans have started a movement that is gaining in popularity like gang busters.

The hashtag #BoycottNFL has begun trending on Twitter where it has remained a Twitter top 10 topic and it is snowballing.







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