Ahmed Mohamed, the high-schooler who gained attention for taking a 'clock' to his Irving, Texas school last week, continues to enjoy the spotlight as questions arise about the motivation for his actions as his family seizes the moment for its own agenda.

As the circumstances surrounding the incident come to light, there appears to be evidence that it may have been designed to generate sympathetic publicity as the Muslim community in the Dallas area battles for the adoption of Sharia law in Texas.

In addition to accepting invitations to the White House and NASA, the teen has taken calls from a Saudi prince, Mark Cuban and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Amid television appearances and interviews, the Muslim family has found time to retain an attorney, although for what purpose is uncertain.

The student was arrested, briefly detained and then released without being charged, and no allegation has been made that he was harmed during the incident. It is an offense for a person to use a “hoax bomb” – a device that reasonably appears to be an explosive – to alarm others.

Mohamed’s father, Mohamed El Hassan, seized upon the incident immediately, calling in the media and skipping a planned meeting with Irving mayor, Beth Van Duyne to hold a press conference.

The Council for American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, has used the incident to highlight what it calls anti-Muslim feeling in the Dallas area.

El Hassan, a Sudanese immigrant, has tried in the past to make a name for himself through publicity stunts claiming to have run for the presidency of his native country twice, despite never appearing on the ballot.

He also claims to lead a local Islamic sect of hundreds of international followers, although this is disputed by the imam at his mosque.

The so-called “clock” has been shown to be a clumsy, yet successful attempt to build a hoax bomb to draw a reaction from teachers and students, rather than an original invention, as claimed.

The teenager refused to respond to reasonable questions from the school principal and police at the time he was questioned.

See Reverse Engineering Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock and Ourselves on Artvoice.com .

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