10-year-old Toxey Ahrabli’s mother sent out birthday party invitations to all 21 of his classmates several weeks before the party. A few parents told the mom that their kid would be there, but when the day came. No one showed up.

The little boy was heartbroken after his birthday party was ruined.

The mom then took to Facebook and posted about the incident. Some Arkansas State Troopers saw the Facebook post and decided to make up for his bad birthday party.

The state troopers then planned a surprise party two days later complete with a birthday cake, some gifts, and Rhino, their K-9. Toxey Ahrabli even got to join in on a game of basketball, play with the dog and ride in the police cars.

Toxey said he “cried a little bit because they did that or me. If I am remembering right, this is the only birthday that I have had with people coming.” Angela Andrews, his mother, then posted about the surprise party on Facebook and told the state troopers thank you “from the bottom of my heart.”

She then continued on by saying that she “will never be able to repay the kindness you showed my family today!! Come on friends, let’s make these guys famous! They deserve to be recognized for the wonderful people they are!”

h/t: Fox



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