It appears the Swedes are as impotent and as cowardly as much of the world thinks them to be.

The sexually demonic are at it again. You know of whom we speak. Muslim refugees. They gang raped a 10 year old boy in an endless passing of him around assault. Someone called the cops.

In comes the cavalry!

What did they do? They got scared and ran away. They left that 10 year old boy behind. They we being out-numbered. They did not call for back up. They abandoned a child.

“Even more people appeared behind us. I was mentally prepared to fight for my life. We were 10 police officers in a narrow corridor. And, I hear someone yell that there is an emergency exit,” explains one of Sweden’s finest.

Those cops are as big a pigs as the Muslims, if not more so. They proverbially raped that little boy too. They should be ashamed and will hopefully spend the rest of their lives rotting internally with guilt and shame.

According to Mad World News, the “Swedish police officer are not entirely to blame.”


They are fully to blame. Who cares that they were armed in 1965? Who cares if they are discouraged from using them?

Plenty of us weren’t around in 1965 and we have them. This would be one of those instances where the Swedish joke of law enforcement should have taken action. Guaranteed Americans would have.  Instead, they wet their pants.

The Muslims got to sexually feast on that child because the cops were not willing to fight for any life but their own.

The Swedes need to step up. They can’t rely on their law enforcement. It is time for the people to take action.

When you have Armageddon among your masses in the form of asylum seekers, neutered law enforcement, a government that looks the other way, you must take care of business yourself.

What happened to that little boy? Nobody knows. The situation was hushed up.

Hope you are happy Swedish people. We are disgusted.

Source: Mad World News


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