This is how a lady treats a degenerate of the male species. The loser in the fight witnessed here earned what was coming to him. For reasons unknown, he had taken to bullying this girl online.

This is what cowards do. They hide behind their keyboards like the wussy desk-jockeys they are.

Such bullying knows no gender, as girls do it to each other, as to boys, but in this case it happened to be boy bullying girl. He must be taking lessons from the Quran.

Rather than hang or cap herself in the head, as some victims of online bullying have been known to do, this young gal said screw that. She tracked her assailant down.

He attended a neighboring school, so she decided to go have a little chat with him. While you can’t see her full arsenal of Mixed Martial Arts talent, it is clear this gal knows her stuff.

In fact, bully-boy happened to pick on MMA student, who is training to be a fighter. It would seem their conversation about him stepping off did not go as planned, and a physical confrontation ensued. The bully lost.

Naturally, the school is looking for the girl, because, you know, you must appease your bully and be a good imaginary-burka wearing American female. Whatever. Good for her.

Looks like she can step into the cage to fight anytime.

Source: Mad World News

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