It seems not even Obama can “rig” the outcome in favor of deserter Bowe Bergdahi, when it comes to “The Code of Military Justice.”

And unlike the DOJ, the Supreme Court or congress, the military will go just so far with Obama’s political scams, before they put a stop to it, and thankfully when it comes to a traitor like Bergdahi, they have.

Because within the military there is an unwritten code, a brotherhood, and it wasn’t only this traitor that was on trial, it was also the military, and the millions upon millions of vets who have served with honor and distinction.

The military will charge Bergdahi with a seldom used  the “misbehavior before the enemy” charge which carries a life sentence, and is perhaps one of the most severe charges within the military.

Walter Huffman, a retired major-general who served as the Army’s top lawyer said; “I’ve never seen it charged, it’s not something you find in common everyday practice in the military.”

Characters like Obama simply don’t understand “The Code of Military Justice” and when he traded the so-called “Taliban-Five” Guantanamo detainees for Bergdahl, there was a silent rage within the military, and among the millions of vets, and when he actually held that rose garden interview and praised a deserter, for yet another phony photo-op.

It would seem by these charges, that the military has had enough of Obama and his “transformation of America”

Sources: Breitbart

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