We have all heard about those crazy gun buy back/surrender programs that cities and counties hold around the nation.

Let us set the scene for one of the more recent of these events.

Boston, Massachusetts. Home of the Tea Party and the birth place of our nation. It is ironic that the willful surrounding of one’s Second Amendment right would be held at such a venue. Boston’s “Your Piece for Peace” event was the scene of one of the most extraordinary gun surrender events ever!

Turn your gun in, legal or not, and get yourself a $200 gift card and the promise that you won’t be prosecuted if your illegal gun comes up clean.

Why would someone with an illegal gun want to get rid of it, let alone go hand it over to the cops, in person? For that matter, why would anyone want to give up their gun?

The success of the day’s program was epic. Never before has the program brought in the number of guns it saw that day.

So, how many guns were handed over?

One. Uno. That’s it.

They attribute this year’s incredible gun seizure tally to a lack of promotion on their part and fewer guns in the hands of people. Not to the fact that criminals would prefer to keep their gun in-hand. Certainly not because there are intelligent, responsible gun owners, who hold the Second Amendment near and dear to their hearts, and who see this for what it is-a nudge toward the eradication of our right to keep and bear arms.


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