Antifa red brigades claimed overwhelming victory in Boston on Saturday through sheer force of numbers. They then gloated about it on social media.

As a reminder, Antifa considers anyone who loves America and carries the flag a "nazi" and a "racist," and a marked target for a good street beating.

Stupid liberals, rabid leftists, and organized units of Antifa's Boston chapter sent conservative nationalists packing on Saturday for the simple reason that Boston is one of the most populous left-leaning cities in Massachusetts, which also happens to be one of the most left-leaning blue states in the nation.

Antifa goons attacked cops, harassed veterans, and even punched a defenseless woman holding the American flag. The woman wasted no time getting her Irish up and chased the little masked coward through Boston Common.

In one social media post, Antifa thanked "Hillary Democrats" for supporting acts of flag desecration.

Response: may the day come when flag burning is a capital crime.

In another post, Antifa baboons praised anyone who trashed the flag, which they referred to as a "garbage rag."

Another Antifa tweet-heart posted a picture that longs for the day when the hammer-and-sickle flies over the White House, next to the Antifa flag, which bears a striking resemblance to the Marxist street banner flown during pre-Hitler Germany.

Response: Be careful of what you wish for, Antifa. Communist agitation, communist subversion and communist instigated street violence reached fever-pitch level in 1920s Germany. Absent these enabling factors Adolf Hitler likely would not have achieved power and made short work of communists in a very nasty way.

Antifa runs the risk of creating very real right-wing demons, rather than just imagining "nazis" lurking behind every non-violent white face.

"Free speech is dead," tweeted another Antifa toad. "RT to piss on its grave."

News alert: The Soviet Union doesn't exist any more, Antifa morons. Moreover, the non-communist Russian government both supports and protects Christianity -- the one religion you love to hate.

RT is a pretty fair and accurate foreign news source, by the way. It covers the issues Western media refuse to cover and doesn't consider free speech dead. If anyone has been pissing on the open grave of free speech, it's CNN, the Washington Post, and The New York Times.

What's truly amazing is that these self-described "anarcho-communist" instigators of violence in Boston and elsewhere haven't been rounded up and charged as domestic terrorists. It's always those mostly inert "white supremacists" who are the terrorists.

By sowing the clouds of violence Antifa may soon reap the whirlwind in a full-blown civil war.

They have no idea what they've started.

Do you think Antifa will get what's coming in terms of a violent backlash? Please take a moment to express your viewpoint in the comment section below.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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