For anyone who hasn't seen a K9 police unit in action, the news that a dog died on the U.S. border might seem silly and inconsequential. The truth, however, is that K9 units are some of the strongest and most bonded partners in a police force. And the facts that led to this recent death make the issue even sadder.

The dog who died this past week was named Lazer. He and his partner were called in to an area of the Rio Grande Valley in Edinburg, Texas to help locate illegal immigrants who were in trouble. It's a familiar story, however, and one that led to the unnecessary loss of life of a highly trained police dog.

Illegals are constantly employing human smugglers to move them across the border. For most, the idea that they might be put in harm's way while trying to smuggle themselves across an international border doesn't come into the picture. They just want to get as close as they can and then hope for rescue.

Lazer, according to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, had "recently showcased his ability to locate injured and abandoned immigrants." Unfortunately that meant that Lazer and his partner were called in when a group of immigrants got themselves lost and stuck trying to come into the country illegally.

Lazer spent hours searching in the hot Texas sun when his handler noticed that the dog was showing signs of heat exhaustion and weakness. The handler immediately tried to apply ice packs and to cool the dog down, but Lazer died soon after at a veterinary clinic.

This was a dog, let's make that clear. It's a much better thing to lose the life of a canine than of a human officer. But the fact still remains that this was a highly trained police resource that was lost because of illegals throwing themselves at the border and hoping to be rescued.

We need border reform now. Illegals are putting too much strain on our people and our resources. We need to solve this problem.

h/t: MRCTV

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