Border Patrol is working overtime to try their hardest to keep our nation's borders safe from invaders of all backgrounds but especially Muslims as of late. What is truly horrifying is the amount that they have detained and even worse the amount that were able to slip through. What should really scare us all is this horrifying item that they have found them all carrying.

As our border patrol works tirelessly to help protect Americans from foreigners hell-bent on the destruction of America Obama only continues to make their job harder by opening our borders to anyone and everyone and restricting our border patrols authority to secure our borders.

In the past year alone authorities have managed to arrest thousands of illegal immigrants from the Middle East, trying to do god knows what in our country.

Reports indicate that border patrol has managed to detain 6,342 “Special Interest Aliens” (SIA) who were either attempting to cross over into our country or who had actually managed to get through security and who were later apprehended.

Many of these aliens are classified as "extra-continental" from the Middle East. Since 91.2% of the people in that part of the world are in fact Muslim it is sage to say that most of these aliens are almost definitely Muslims.

What is truly horrifying is what they were all carrying as they tried to infiltrate our country. Border patrol has found an overwhelming amount of forged papers that these aliens were in possession of.

This gets even more terrifying when we think about how many of these aliens had good enough papers to get through and if they had those kind of resources what is their true intention, you can bet it's not charity work and paying taxes.

According to Creeping Sharia this number has only increased under Obama's severely reckless leadership. These numbers are "up significantly from a 2015 total of 4,261 SIAs," with "only 1,831 were reported for all of 2014."

So the true issue that this country is facing is the thousands of Muslims making their way into our country, many of whom very likely have connections to terrorist organizations and the only thing stopping them is a border patrol whose hands have been tied by our joke of a president Obama.

This is exactly why we cannot let Hillary become our president. Our country cannot handle 4 more years of rampant undocumented immigration, especially with so many Muslims wishing death and doom to our country.

Trump has proven time and time again that he is a man of his word and if he says he will secure our borders you can bet that he will. We need Trump to step in and do what this country needs in order to ensure our protection and our way of life.

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Source: Mad World News

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