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“America’s Mayor” although usually animated, has always been fairly thoughtful and measured within his comments when discussing national issues and not prone to excessive exaggeration. However when discussing Hillary’s antics one can’t help at times to simply do away with the political protocol and call out the obvious, for what it is!

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has simply had enough of the political correct smokescreens attempting to split nouns, adjectives and pro-nouns in describing Hillary Clinton’s continued and growing scandals.

The good mayor appearing on Fox and Friends Weekend” took off the gloves and called out Clinton for what she is “a stupid liar” for using her concussion as an “excuse” for her willful negligent incompetence and deceit.

Saying that Hillary is stupid, incompetent or an outward liar!

He also questioned her health and the continued rumors about her excessive coughing, and her continued need to take time off from campaigning, which has raised concerns whether she has the stamina to be president.

The former New York City mayor also pointed out the multitude of times Hillary “couldn’t recall” when interviewed by the FBI, citing;

“Most of them strike me more as lies than they do as things she can’t remember,” Giuliani said. “I think it’s the liar’s retreat – ‘I can’t remember, I don’t recall’ – rather than brain injury.”

"I don't think she's massively brain damaged, but I do think she's a massive liar."

"We have only two answers to why she doesn't know - why the Secretary of State of the United States doesn't know - that a 'C' in front of a paragraph means 'Confidential Information': 1. She's stupid, or 2. She's lying."

There’s no doubt by the recent poll numbers that the public has been taking notice of Hillary’s antics.

Source: Fox

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