ISIS just learned the hard way that war is a real mother when you're dealing with heavy ordinance nicknamed the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB).

At 7:32 p.m. Thursday, the U.S. dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on the ISIS-K technical complex in the Achin district, Nangarhar province, in northeast Afghanistan.

"As ISIS-K's losses have mounted they are using IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), bunkers and tunnels to thicken their defense," according to General John W. Nicholson, Commander U.S. Forces, Afghanistan. "This is the right munition to reduce these obstacles and maintain the momentum of our offensive against ISIS-K."

The GBU-43, or Massive Ordinance Air Blast, weighs 21,600 pounds, measures 30 feet long, and costs nearly $16 million. A C-130 cargo plane dropped the bomb by parachute. The bomb detonated about six feet above the ground with the explosive force of 11 tons of TNT, ensuring maximum dispersal of the blast.

Nicholson, in a memo, said U.S. Forces took "every precaution" to avoid civilian casualties with the strike.

According to Fox News, the U.S. estimates that between "600 to 800 ISIS fighters are present in Afghanistan, mostly in Nangarhar. The U.S. has concentrated heavily on combating them while also supporting Afghan forces battling the Taliban."

In August, a company of nearly 150 Army Rangers killed "'hundreds' of ISIS fighters in Nangarhar, though five of the Rangers were shot. Some weapons and equipment, including communications gear and a rocket launcher, were also left behind following the operation," Fox News reported.

U.S. officials say the bomb strike was launched after a Green Beret was killed in Afghanistan. The massive blast also sends a message to North Korea amid worsening tensions with the U.S.

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Source: Daily Caller


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