In yet another stark reversal from the failed policies of the Obama administration, President Trump has announced an end goal in the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – and it goes beyond using the “V” word that Obama shunned.

Whereas Obama banned the use of the phrases “radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump made it a point throughout his campaign not only to use it to accurately name the global threat, and where Obama refused to refer to “victory” as the goal, Trump wants even more.

President Trump wants only one thing for ISIS: “humiliation.”

“I have to say, there is an end. And it has to be humiliation. Otherwise it’s really tough. But there is an end.”

The president made the statement in an interview with the Associated Press, reaffirming his pledge to “get rid of ISIS. We have no choice.”

Trump did not provide details about his plan to eradicate the terror group in keeping with his disdain for President Obama’s policy of announcing military plans so far in advance as to allow the enemy to prepare by withdrawing and relocating or digging-in with reinforcements.

Trump’s frustration with that policy was a frequent theme in his campaign speeches, and he often asked audiences rhetorically to imagine Gen. George Patton employing the same practice during World War II.

“We are still fighting Mosul – you know why? Because they were prepared. If we would have gone in and just done it, it would have been over three months ago,” Trump said.

In the first 100 days of his administration, Trump has deployed troops to Syria and Iraq in support of upcoming operations by local forces.

Earlier in the month, Trump ordered a strike on the Syrian airbase that was the origination of the chemical weapon attack on civilians ordered by President Bashar al-Assad.

It sounds like a first step in the plan to humiliate not only ISIS, but anyone and everyone – including leaders – and put an end to those who use terror as a weapon.

It’s a good start.

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