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"The system is rigged." Trump may have just found himself 4 new words to replace his iconic "make America great again" slogan.


Trump tweeted this after the director of the FBI, James M. Coney, released a statement regarding the 16+ month investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. The investigation was able to determine that Hillary used the private server to discuss classified information, including information labeled as "Top Secret, something Hillary has repeatedly denied doing.

In fact, Mr. Coney went so far as to say Hillary exhibited "extreme carelessness" in her handling of classified information including the repeated use of her email server via several cell phone while in country's with sophisticated technological capabilities.

For this reason, the FBI was unable to determine whether or not enemies of the state had successfully hacked into Hillary's private server, but several of the people she had been corresponding with in her emails had been hacked into.

Despite all of this, the FBI recommended that the Department of Justice not pursue charges against Hillary. The end of Mr. Coney's statement read like parents speaking about an unruly child: "we don't believe she actually meant to do anything wrong." Really, James?

You know things are bad when Trump supporters begin to sympathize with Bernie supporters. How can this woman continually get away with such blatantly bad behavior?

It is because before Trump, the democratic establishment wanted to see Hillary Clinton win the nomination, and now the Washington elites want to make sure she secures the presidency.

A self-starter like Trump, who for all his money is currently being outspent 15:1 by the Clinton machine, will never be allowed to simply waltz into the White House the way a traditional candidate would.

There will be shadow forces, and outright conspiracy against him every step of the way. The system really is rigged, but with the power of the people behind him, maybe that won't matter.

Maybe the people really are strong enough to tear the whole damn thing down, and build it again in the way they best see fit.

Battle lines are now clear: the power of the people, vs the powerful people. America just celebrated the 240th anniversary of a very similar victory. Come election time, the people must rise up once again.


h/t: Daily Mail


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