On November 19th 1863, President Lincoln, a vilified and in many quarters hated Republican stood on this hallowed ground, to pay tribute to the 51,000 dead, and with just 272 words written in haste on the back envelope, eloquently delivered one of the greatest speeches ever recorded.

On Saturday another vilified and in most quarters hated Republican Donald Trump stood on that same battlefield, and with a nation equally divided, spoke about how the unabridged corruption, malfeasance and criminal behavior among the political establishment, that now grips our nation and which threatens the very foundation of this Republic, saying;

“If they can do this to me with unlimited resources, look what they can do to you!”


That reverence was in response to the countless allegations and attacks leveled at the Republican nominee by both Obama and Clinton operatives and by a relentless and corrupt media printing both innuendo and allegations as fact.

And to that end, Trump singled out NBC and their monopoly within the media, and vowed if elected he would break up their control of the airwaves, and then took aim at his 11th accuser a porn star named Jessica Drake, who alleged once again sexual misconduct, without any proof, and perhaps there lies the issue, in that the so-called “4th estate” the mainstream media, has all but abdicated it’s responsibility of being the “watch-dog” of the nation, and has now become another corrupt institution, much like the IRS, FBI and the Justice Department…and no doubt draining out the swamp is going to take some doing.

What do you think about Trump's comments concerning Hillary's attempts to railroad him?

Do you think Hillary Clinton has any ethics at all?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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