On the same day Congress revealed that U.S. Central Command deliberately “skewed” intelligent reports about the state of the war against ISIS to paint a falsely optimistic picture of the situation, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump came under fire for calling his Democratic opponent and the president “the co-founders” of the Islamic terror group.

The Democratic National Committee slammed Trump, releasing a statement demanding that he “apologize for his outrageous, unhinged and patently false suggestions,” but in fact, many military advisers might agree with the assessment, even if they would choose different, less bluntly political words.

In 2011, with his re-election looming and anxious to make good on his campaign promises to end an unpopular war, Obama chose to disregard the advice of his military advisers and withdrew from Iraq without sufficient forces in place to protect the hard-won gains made from 2007 to 2011.

“We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government that was elected by its people,” the President Obama claimed in December 2011 as he celebrated his “achievement.”

But Army Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.), who was responsible for the successful troop surge and had a front row view, is an open critic of Obama’s decision.

“As we pulled out of Iraq in 2011, just think of this: We had all our intelligence capability there. We knew where the enemy was. We were flying drones. We’re tracking them. We have signals intelligence pouring in, eavesdropping on phone conversations and the rest of it. We’re using our counterterrorism forces to bang against these guys. We’re passing that to the Iraqis so their commandos can do the same. Then, on a given day in 2011, that screen went blank. The Iraqis went from a significant amount of intelligence on what was taking place, and the screen just went blank.”

While Trump’s rhetoric inflamed his Democrat opposition, which wasted no time in calling him “unfit to be president,” there is nonetheless an element of truth in his assertion.

In fact, Obama’s political decision to deliberately disregard the advice of military men who were on the ground and knew the territory,  created the perfect atmosphere for the birth of ISIS – and all the destruction and murder that has come with that murderous group.

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