Tornadoes struck Texas over the Christmas holiday and laid waste to portions of the Lone Star state.

Two communities appear to have taken the brunt of the storms’ rage—Garland and Rowlett. The towns were leveled in classic tornado destruction style.

Some areas were completely wiped off the face of the earth. One house destroyed and next door another left standing.

Needless to say, an opportunity for the low-lives among presented itself. The looting of property began almost immediately.

One group of people put out a helping hand, and another the hand of a taker. Thugs struck and began stealing, vandalizing, and destroying property. Unfortunately for them, Texans don’t play that game.

“Looters Will Be Shot/Private Property,” stated one sign in what was left of someone’s place of residence.

“You Loot, We Shoot.”

“Looters—Warning. 2nd Amendment Observed Here. Roll Tide!”

The latter two statements are posted in front of a residence that features a women and two armed men in military fatigues loaded down with rifles.

Looters might want to rethink their actions. Communities nationwide have had enough when it comes to the radical and violent uprisings around us.

Texans are demonstrating what it is we all should be doing when faced with similar circumstances, be it tornado, earthquake, flood, or even one of those “peaceful” free speech riots, and the looting thugs that accompany such situations.

Source: Mad World News


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