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Another one bites the dust…ISIS that is. The “ghost sniper” as this savior of humanity is called, is picking the ISIS terrorists off one by one. The “Daesh Hunter” has targeted Sharia Law officials.

Specially, Hamad Abdel Hady, Abu Mohammed Dernawi of the Sharia clown-court system,  ISIS commander Abdulla Hamada s-Ansari have been sent to party with their 72 virgins in that special place hell has set aside for them.

This is all going down in Libya, a country wrought with the same terror as the Levant, but hardly makes the news anymore.

Is the sniper an American? Nobody knows, but him (or her, for some added mystery).

“Online discussion has center on the theory that the sniper is a lone gunman from the nearby city of Misrats,” according to International Business Times.

ISIS is afraid, and running scared. They are shooting at anything that moves. Which, in truth also works in the world’s favor, because they manage to kill themselves off.

They are hunting the hunter, but judging by the  “Ghost’s” success so far, ISIS doesn’t stand much of a chance.

It is awesome to see the degenerate predators become the prey.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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