It's almost impossible for someone from a Western civilization to understand the motivation behind a jihadist suicide-bomber. Whatever the motivation, however, it assuredly takes someone with a sickened mind to strap on explosives and march off to kill himself or herself in an act of terror.

Footage has recently emerged of a suicide bomber, however, whose violent decision resulted in more violence than he could have imagined--and that violence was directed at his fellow extremists.

Reportedly, this suicide terrorist was killed before he was able to use the bomb strapped to his body to blow up his target. Fellow terrorists who were in the area were so distraught by this terrorist's death that they loaded him on a stretcher and carried it through the streets in a ritual, Muslim mourning.

But somebody forgot to take off the suicide-bomber's weapon.

Partway through their mourning march, the suicide bomber's explosives detonated leaving a pile of dust and dead and injured extremists lying in the street.

Death of anyone is terrible, and it's not right to celebrate the death of anyone, even a terrorist. However, it's hard not to shake your head at the ironic ending of this suicide bomber and the other radicals who were mourning his death.

Suicide bombing is a sick practice and it needs to stop. Maybe that sounds like the understatement of the year, but the only good that can come out of this ridiculous death is that it will hopefully deter future suicide attackers from strapping on the explosives in the first place.

The Muslim religion claims (usually correctly) that it preaches peace and tolerance. However, Muslim leaders need to come out and denounce suicide bombers once and for all. The fact that the religion celebrates certain kinds of martyrdom like this only adds to the problem.

Luckily for the intended targets of this suicide bomber, fate had a different ending in mind.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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