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If there’s one positive development that has come out of this election cycle it’s that young people are becoming engaged in the political process, and that’s a good thing within a free society, because it encourages them to explore those issues that will inevitability directly affect their lives.

And although the pop culture of the day within today’s universities and classrooms are heavily weighted in favor of progressive dogma, every now and then a young free thinking mind captures the essence of that political philosophy, within just a few words.

A high school student named Mason wore a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt to school, which caught the attention of one of his liberal teachers, who routinely has political conversations with the young conservative student.

According to Mason’s dad who posted the encounter on Facebook, Mason’s teacher is a big Hillary Clinton supporter, and when she saw the t-shirt, she of course had to respond, asking; “Did you wear that for me?”

Mason quickly responded; “No, for Chris Stevens.”

And there within those few brief words young Mason captured the essence of these two diametrically opposed philosophies.

There’s little doubt that Mason’s response to his teacher’s flippant remark, in all probability gave her a brief pause, and perhaps even an impromptu “teaching moment”…one can only hope.

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