Sheriff Danny Glick

It was a long, hot and deadly summer for law enforcement, thanks in part to this administrations willful disregard to the actual events taking place within cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, and using those tragic events as political talking points and to divide a nation along racial lines.

And while the continued attacks and assassinations of police officers continued across the nation this White House stood silent, without so much as a word of condolence to those that lost their lives in the line of duty, and yet had the audacity to send a White House delegation to the funerals of thugs, while ignoring the plight of  young police officers fighting for their lives.

However Laramie County, Wyoming, Sheriff  Danny Glick,  president of the NSA isn’t going to be silent, and if fact is calling out the president saying  if Barack Obama can’t stand up for law enforcement on a national level, “we will do it at the local level and show you how it’s done.”

Glick   made those comments at the Southwest Border Sheriffs’ Coalition meeting in Sierra Vista, Arizona, and stated that the issue of police violence is one of the most pressing issues facing law enforcement today.

He went on to say; “Across the country we are seeing a lot of violence directed at law enforcement and, quite frankly, what we don’t see is this administration stepping up (in) front of it and saying enough is enough.”

Source: Breitbart



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