Sometimes a good guy with a good gun and a good aim really is the only thing standing between calamity and a happy ending – and those are the three elements that came together this past week in Tulsa when the good guy saved the life of a 2-year-old.

Tulsa authorities responding to a domestic violence 911 call found an ongoing situation at the home of a mother of four where her estranged husband – the father of the three older children – forced his way in, threatened her with a gun and took the toddler before the woman could flee with her three older children and call police.

The man repeatedly pointed the gun at both the police and the child, using her as a human shield during the three-hour standoff.

The police called in a Spanish-speaking officer in an attempt to negotiate with the man, who “spoke very little English,” but a special operations team sniper took the shot when the man emerged onto a balcony and made a threatening gesture toward the child.

“The officer, fearing for the child's safety, was able to take a shot and killed the suspect,” Tulsa Police Spokesman Leland Ashley told reporters.

In accordance with department policy, the sniper has been put on administrative leave pending a full investigation of the incident.

The little girl was unharmed and has been reunited with her mother and half-siblings, but the complex tangle of emotions the four children will experience as they grow up and comprehend what the father of the three older children did to the youngest one will undoubtedly be a difficult path.


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