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It’s not very often within this toxic politically correct environment that we witness critical, unabashed common sense thinking coming from bench. All too often we witness a judge rendering a ridiculous verdict more in tune with the pop culture of the day than dispensing the law as indicated.

However every once in a while we witness “old school common sense” unfiltered justice and this 2-plus minute video should give all of us hope that perhaps America hasn’t gone completely off the rails.

This brief video footage captures the last few minutes of trial Judge Hurley about to sentence an African-American male for shooting at a police officer who responded to a call of cars being broken into, and later found hiding under a house near a pond.

Judge Harley was about to sentence the individual when the public defender asked to speak on his behalf and immediately began referencing the politically correct nonsense of black men being victimized by the police.

However that defense barely lasted a second as Judge Harley, visibly annoyed, immediately shut down the hapless lawyer, and reminded both the defendant and the lawyer of the undisputed evidence presented.

In one exchange the defense lawyer attempted to show that his client didn’t have the weapon in his possession, and no one could prove that he was the actual shooter, Judge Harley reminded both, that the defendant was wearing a holster, bail was set at one hundred thousand dollars on each charge. ”BOOM!”



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