If there is a gold standard by which all “peaceful” and “moderate” Muslims should think and behave, it is Qatar journalist, Nadine Al-Budair.

In writing for the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al Rai, Ms. Al Budair took issue with those who oppose Donald Trump’s position on immigration, specifically Muslim immigration into America.

She spoke to the fact that Muslims have had free passage onto our shores “for years without any fear or worry,” because we Westerners are the tolerant people.

“It is strange that we (Muslims) believe we have the right to condemn such statements [by Trump] rather than address the implications of some of our extremist curricula, our education, and our regimes, and be ashamed (of them).”

“It is strange that we condemn (the West) instead of addressing what is happening in our midst.”

“It is strange that we condemn instead of apologizing to the world.”

It is quite sad that she is so right. We have always been a tolerant nation. While Ms. Al-Budair finds her culture’s approach to addressing radical Islam “strange,” the Muslims are forcing Lady Liberty’s hand and now we recognize Islam’s silence and disregard for terror as emblematic of their faith and culture.

She wants to know how Muslim nations would react to Christians slaughtering them, screaming “infidel” from the pulpit, walking into and blowing up “a theater in your city or café that your son frequents?”

She recognizes the dishonesty inherent in their culture and their refusal to denounce radical Islam.

“After all these farces, some Arab analyst comes out touting a pathetic message, and reciting the same words in his friend’s ear that he has repeated millions of times: ‘Those (Muslims who commit terrorism) do not represent Islam, but only themselves,'” 

“This is all we (know how to do) – absolve (ourselves) of guilt.

Her premise is correct. Never has there been a group of people who can turn a blind eye to the horrors that their faith and culture has brought upon the world, century after century. Germans spoke out against Germans. Japanese spoke out against Japanese.

In our lifetimes we witnessed Tiananmen Square where Chinese youth protesting the government were run over by tanks. Yet, Islam remains silent on all fronts. In doing so, they are complicit with the radicals among them, and they wage a silent Jihad.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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