Mike Rowe is not one to hold back when it comes to calling out liberal lunacy. He takes to Facebook to completely destroy Bernie Sanders hollow campaign cry for free college for all.

Bernie must know this is just an election pipe dream to get liberal dreamers to get behind him in the voting booth.

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Bernie Sanders believes taxpayers should heavily subsidize college and claims that it initially wouldn’t cost students anything out of pocket to attend.

Obviously, there are some serious problems with this rationale. All you have to do is consider where tax dollars come from to realize Sanders’ promise of free college is a deeply flawed idea.

Students would ultimately end up paying for their tuition one way or another.

In a response to a question from a fan, “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe explained exactly why Bernie Sanders’ notion of “free college for everyone” is absurd.

Off The Wall

Jim Childers writes…

Hey Mike - I hear all the Presidential candidates talking about the "right" of "free...

Posted by Mike Rowe on Monday, 28 March 2016

Bernie supporters are willing to give up their freedom for freebies. So Sad.

There are no free rides in life. Someone has to pay for them.

College cannot be free. Someone has to pay for the professors’ time – they don’t work for free and they are not cheap.

After free college, students will have no jobs to go to because the economy will collapse. The taxes people will have to pay to employ anyone will shut businesses down.

A person does not have to have a 4-year college degree to be successful in life. How would we survive without our barbers, hairstylists, nail technicians, plumbers, electricians, child care workers, chefs, authors, actors, artist, etc, etc, etc.?

Do you think Sanders is willing to lie to his liberal base to get in office and actually knows free college is not a realistic or even wise policy?

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