It is probably safe to say that while a lot of people do not care for Donald Trump, most folks did not hop on the blame-train when it came to pointing fingers at the candidate for the left-wing anarchist riots that transpired in Chicago and Kansas City last week.

Unfortunately, for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich, they each fell victim to their own egos and took advantage of the situation for what it was—an opportunity to knock Trump off his pedestal.

Can you say, epically retarded major miscalculation? It was seriously disappointing and downright disturbing to say the least.

Among those equally annoyed is none other than everybody’s favorite Judge, Jeanine Pirro. First she reminds us that nobody has a right to interfere with our First Amendment.

Protest is a guaranteed part of that right, but it does not come with the free-for-all thuggery we all witnessed the leftwing anarchists undertaken in Chicago and Kansas City.

Best of all, Justice Pirro bitch-slaps Pequeño Rubio for his “words have consequences” BS. She accurately points out that under Sharia Law that is the case, but not in the USA, and reminds him that his own parents fled that kind of oppression to come here.

“This is America! You cannot stop us and you cannot silence us. Beware the sleeping giant. The silent majority of us, we will not be silenced.”

It should come as no surprise that plenty of Hispanics agree with Justice Pirro. In fact, Cuban-Americans are bailing on Rubio as the Florida election nears. 

It is unclear how that demographic feels about Cruz, but since Trump is polling ahead of everyone, we can probably connect the dots without too much assistance.

So, here’s the deal. Candidates Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich need to shut up and disembark the Trump Hate Train, and get back to the business of demonstrating how they plan to ensure our freedom of speech, even from a candidate they don’t like.

They need to get out there and illustrate how they plan to protect our rights to listen to said free speech, as opposed to try to blame the masses and the speaker of the “rhetoric.” We don’t need another president who blames the victim. We have had 8 years of that already.

Good luck with the damage control boys. You are gonna need it.

Source: Mad World News



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