As radical Islamic terror groups continue to create chaos, death, destruction around the globe, many countries are starting to become more than a little fed up with negative consequences that this Islamic terror is causing. We are seeing more and more countries start to take action against unchecked Muslim immigration and finally start to take back control of their own countries.

In Europe, Germany and the U.K. have already taken steps to help curb and control the Muslim immigration influx after seeing what these migrants can do to a country if that country just lets anyone come in and do whatever they please. One European country has taken it one step further and said "enough is enough" when it comes to Muslim migrants and it's something that Trump has been talking about for ages.

Obama and the majority of the liberals in this country have been pushing the idea of allowing anyone with a pulse come across our borders, especially those Muslims coming from the Middle East and Syria. When Republicans express their concern over the potential national security risks associated with allowing thousands to come into our country from places with the most terrorist activity in the world, they are labeled as bigots and chastised for their "xenophobic" thinking.

Well it's about time America starts listening to Trump and taking a play from Italy's playbook after seeing what Italy just announced they would be doing with regards to Muslim migrants in their country.

National police chief Franco Gabriell stated that Italy will be adopting a "zero tolerance" policy in regards to illegal Muslim immigrants in Italy. There will be increased deportations as well as ramped up controls and checks, after the recent attacks in Berlin and Germany.

Gabriell's letter explains that he would like to see "maximum attention from the different branches of law enforcement to track down foreigners in irregular situations through targeted controls" and he is instructing officers to "establish immediate contact with immigration officials to expedite deportation procedures."

The letter is gaining a lot of recognition from around the globe. Later in the letter, Gabriell says that illegals are to blame for the "crisis" plaguing his country and says that they are responsible for "an international scenario characterized by instability and threats."

He is not alone in these theories. In fact, many conservatives in America also agree that this huge and under-regulated influx in Muslim immigrants into Western countries around the world is doing much more harm than good. Many believe that this worldwide migration is only destabilizing these Western nation's and recreating a terrifyingly similar scene to the Middle East.

Now Obama and the liberals have done so much damage and brainwashed the public to the point where a policy like this could never hold up under Obama's leadership because it would be torn to shreds as being a "racist" policy built on "racial profiling," not that it is purely a security measure to help protect against the next 9/11.

We are sure to see the positive effects of Italy's new policy in the near future as it really starts to take effect. It might not be a bad idea to pay close attention to these outcomes and implement a similar policy of our own to replicate these outcomes in order to keep our citizens safe.

Italy chose to announce this new policy on New Year's Eve, which is already a very vulnerable time because there are so many crowds gathered in cities throughout Europe. Breitbart reports that last year alone, there were over 1,000 criminal charges, ranging from robbery to sexual assault, on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Germany.

"We are keeping a careful watch on the terror risk, with all the agencies and resources in the field to guarantee the security of the territory," announced Italy's Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti last Friday. "But this should not prevent the citizens of our country from feeling safe and celebrating the festivities in all tranquility."

Let's hope Trump is able to instituted some policies similar to what Italy is doing in order to protect our borders and protect our citizens from the very real Islamic threat that our nation is facing today.

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Source: Breitbart


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