ISIS is the biggest threat to freedom on the planet. But sometimes it seems like the United States is the only country that is putting up a fight against the terrorist regime. Thankfully, the news that British commandos are hard at work fighting back is finally here.

Britain's Special Air Service, or SAS, is one of the most elite fighting units in the world. That description is an apt one, especially after the most recent daring raid that SAS troops undertook against ISIS.

The troops' target was a high-level Islamic State leader. However, the ISIS leader had hidden himself away in a building deep in ISIS territory, in the city of Raqqa. In order to penetrate that far into ISIS's territory, the SAS members donned burkas, the traditional garb of Muslim women, and covered themselves from head to foot in thick cloth.

Posing as wives of ISIS leaders, the troops were able to ride a Toyota truck into the city of Raqqa without being discovered. Once they had a visual on the ISIS leader the team called a circling AWAC being piloted by the United States and the AWAC relayed the leader's coordinates to a waiting Reaper drone.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The drone blew up the building where the ISIS leader was staying and the group started to make their escape.

On their way out of the city, however, the SAS team was confronted by a group of ISIS soldiers who demanded that they stop. The SAS troops, however, had more hidden under their Muslim burkas than the ISIS troops thought.

Underneath the heavy cloth the soldiers were carrying rifles and grenades. When the ISIS soldiers opened fire the commandos whipped out their assault weapons and the ISIS baddies ran away.

While it reads like the plot of a movie, it's great to see the collaboration that took place in this particular raid between Great Britain and the United States. If the U.S. is to have any chance of defeating ISIS everywhere, we need to make this the rule, not the exception.

h/t: Express

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