When will the political establishment ever learn? In that most everyday conservatives and perhaps even most moderate voters have come to expect that President-elect Trump is an anomaly, an oddity, in short he’s unconventional.

Which no doubt is giving the mainstream media, the Democratic Party and those just elected officials in Washington, all sorts of maladies, ailments and afflictions, and rightly so, they’re  progressive ideologues and openly hostile to the Trump Presidency.

However it seems that even the Republican political class doesn’t quite get it either, in that Donald Trump isn’t a politician, and yet  he beat perhaps the most seasoned, politically savvy, well-connected politician in decades, with less money, less support, and a mountain of negative press, to become the 45th President of the United States, and he did it with one continuous promise to “make America great” and to “drain the swamp!”

Moreover when the last order of business for the 114th Congress, just before gaveling in the 115th Congress comes from Trump’s own House Republicans, looking to gut congressional ethics rules, then a few well placed tweets from the President-elect himself, reminding those within is own party  exactly why he was elected, in the first place.

Those tweets coming from the boss,  quickly cooled down and reminded those House Republicans, to focus on why they’ve been sent to Washington and why they’re the majority party.

And perhaps they (Republicans), need a refresher course on Trumps commitment to the American people, abolish lobbyists, set congressional term limits, build the wall, repeal and replace ObamaCare, cut taxes across the board, stop exporting American jobs overseas, and of course “draining the swamp” of corruption.

Even the Huffington Post was paying attention citing: “After a torrent of bad headlines, countless phone calls to member offices, and two tweets from President-elect Donald Trump, House Republicans dropped their plans to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics Tuesday, just minutes before the House was set to gavel in for the 115th Congress and adopt their rules package for the next two years.”.

“The amendment ― authored by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) ― would have placed the independent congressional ethics office under the oversight of the House Ethics Committee, changed the OCE’s name and barred the office from releasing reports to the public. In effect, it would have neutered Congress’ most aggressive watchdog”.

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Source: Huffington

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