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Red is a color often associated with the Christmas season. It is also a color associated with anger. In that vein, let us review what Starbucks did. They put out their annual red Christmas cup, sans any mention of Christmas. Like a café-ole matador, they enraged their Christian clientele, who, and perhaps this comes as a shock to Starbucks, are the majority faith in the nation, thus the de facto majority customer-base.

Oops! Starbucks made a major miscalculation when it came to their Christo-phobic attitude toward the world’s most celebrated holiday.

Dunking Donuts on the other hand recognizes the importance of the holiday to their customers, and just gave the middle finger to the mermaid with a little happy-happy-joy-joy to go with it. Their Christmas cup proudly proclaims “Joy!” To the World! So, all you yuppie S-bucks coffee drinkers who happen to love Christmas, it is time for you to add a little spice to your holiday season mornings.

Make a break for it and run from the formation of double-caramel macchiato with a twist, or whatever, and join the rest of humanity who just drink COFFEE. Go grab yourself a hot cup-a-joe, tea or hot cocoa and a donut to go. Maybe Dunkin can make some Christmas wreath donuts to go with the cups! That would be spectacular!

Despite Dunkin Donuts attempts to stand against the War On Christmas Donald Trump wants to see more.

“I think it would be nice if somebody put ‘Merry Christmas’ on something, you know, like the old days, right? But they don’t have ‘Merry Christmas,’ they have ‘Joy.’” said Trump.

“I’ll start going there and buying coffee there, even though I don’t drink coffee,” he said.

Do you agree with Trump that Dunkin should be more clear on where their sentiments lie?



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