Hillary Clinton's web of intrigue and suspicious activity appears to be even more tightly knit than anyone previously thought. Not only is she under investigation for use of a private email server, but Clinton's involvement in the Clinton Foundation is now under scrutiny.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded by the Clinton's to purportedly help spread the message of education, health care, and environmental concerns. The Clinton Foundation, however, has received support from numerous international groups and countries and is under suspicion of unfairly influencing American politics.

Saudi Arabia, the Australian government, Norway, the Netherlands, and dozens of other sketchy groups have contributed to the foundation. The worst part is, Hillary used funds from those donations to pay her aides and further her political ambitions.

Because of those slippery donations, the State Department recently subpoenaed documents from the Clinton Foundation regarding monies given out to charity projects that should have received government vetting but didn't.

In particular, the subpoena targeted Huma Abedin, Hillary's longtime confidant and helper in her political aspirations. Abedin is under fire because of her interesting work situation in 2012 which may have violated State Department guidelines.

It turns out that Abedin, Hillary's right hand woman, was employed by the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton personally, and a consulting firm that is effectively run by the Clinton Foundation. That's not even double-dipping, that's quadruple-dipping.

Beyond the fact that Hillary obviously orchestrated a situation where her favorite employee could be paid four times for doing work once, this situation is tricky because Abedin was essentially receiving money from foreign entities (through the Clinton Foundation) but helping Hillary make decisions regarding American foreign policy at the State Department.

Thankfully someone in the State Department has finally stumbled upon this insane way that Hillary used her Foundation funds to change American politics. If you needed another example of Hillary's slimy, trickster ways, here you go.

h/t: Washington Post

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