There was a time when Americans felt a certain loyalty to their town’s daily newspaper, turning to it with trust for news, weather reports, the “funnies,” book reviews, obituaries and even the lunch menu of the local schools.

Dad could sit in his easy chair after dinner and read “The Paper”, but those days are long gone, although newspaper owners may be the last to know.

In 2008, with newcomer Barack Obama challenging Washington veteran Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination for the presidency, a Pew Research Center study revealed that seventy percent of Americans said their local newspaper’s endorsement had no impact whatsoever on their choice of candidates.

Today, that number may be even higher, with more and more Americans getting their news from social media and the Internet, rather than traditional sources.

Newspapers are no longer a central feature of American’s lives and the idea that anyone would anxiously await the pronouncement of the editorial board of their local paper to decide how to vote is outdated, even antiquated.

So, when the Chicago Tribune breathlessly ended the anticipation and endorsed Gary Johnson over either of the major party candidates, the Libertarian no doubt celebrated, but the rest of the country more than likely… yawned.

Johnson, who doesn’t know that Aleppo is the capital of Syria currently under siege and at the center of a volatile and dangerous disagreement between Russia and the U.S., has no chance of being elected president, but the Chicago Tribune considers him a more credible candidate than a former First Lady, two-term U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.

In fact, the “Trib’s” editorial board cited the lack of trust the American public has in Hillary as one of the reasons it opted for Johnson, who has said he gave up his 40-year pot habit to run for the presidency.

Also factoring in as negatives were Clinton’s policies in Libya, her “extremely careless” handling of classified information and concerns about a “pay-to-play” set-up between the Clinton family Foundation and the State Department during her tenure.

Then again, Las Vegas duo Penn & Teller, game show host Drew Carey, professional wrestler Sean Waltman, Bush brother Marvin, the founder of Whole Foods and the Caledonian-Record newspaper have all come out for Johnson.

That’s right – the daily newspaper of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The anticipation is at long last, over.

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