A recent poll from pollsters Delphi Analytica is showing some very surprising results for the race for U.S. Senate. After announcing that he would be running for Senate just over a week ago, famous rock singer Kid Rock has actually taken the lead in the polls for Michigan's new Senator.

Delphi Analytica's recent poll shows Kid Rock leading at 54% over incumbent Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow at 46%, with 44% of all voters still undecided.

Kid Rock's support isn't just coming from Michigan either. Texas Governor Abbot Tweeted his approval of the lead Kid Rock is holding.

What's truly amazing about Kid Rock's lead is just how unconventional Kid Rock is as a candidate and the number of reasons why people might not want to vote for Kid Rock.

Kid Rock carries that hard rock star image that he's become famous for and has quite the colorful past ranging from song lyrics that glorify his party lifestyle filled with heavy drug use, random sex with prostitutes and strippers, in addition to him being featured in sex tapes.

But that's not all. Politico highlighted the many 'weak spots' that Kid Rock's opponents might try to exploit:

... the no-contest plea to charges he assaulted a DJ at a Nashville strip club, the messy divorce from Pamela Anderson … . when he told Rolling Stone of his distaste for Beyoncé (“I like skinny white chicks with big tits”) and gave the New Yorker his stance on same-sex marriage (“I don’t give a fuck if gay people get married. I don’t love anybody who acts like a fuckin’ faggot”).

Despite all this, Kid Rock still seems to be the preferred candidate for the U.S. Senate seat. This shows that people are sick and tired of dealing with crooked politicians and would rather be represented by a man of the people rather than another lying politician, and if there's one thing that Kid Rock has shown, is that he's a man of the people for sure.

Kid Rock has donated seven figure sums to charities around the world. He has kept his ticket prices at $20 to make sure the working man can come to his shows. He even endorsed Mitt Romney the day after Romney called one Kid Rock for support, back in 2012. Kid Rock even went as far as to say Mitt Romney was "the most decent mother**ker I’ve ever met in my life."

This just shows that people are fed-up with the status quo and are ready to try something new and very "non-traditional." We'll see what that looks like as the race continues.

What do you think about Kid Rock becoming a U.S. Senator?

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Source: Politico

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