Hillary Clinton can't stop digging herself in a hole. For the number of times that the Democratic presidential front-runner has claimed that the issue with her private email server is over and done, a new scandal or secret erupts about her illegal actions.

The most recent blow to Clinton's credibility comes as intelligence community investigators found evidence that Clinton had received emails that were classified as beyond "top-secret."

These emails, commonly classified as top-secret/SAP, contain information regarding Special Access Programs (SAPs).

News of the super-classified emails was delivered to leaders of both the House and the Senate and as well as to the State Department and the director of National Intelligence via a letter from the inspector in charge of the investigation, Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III.

McCullough confirmed the presence of dozens more emails on Clinton's "home-brew" email server that were classified and also confirmed that these emails veracity has been vetted by qualified agents involved in the case.

Clinton's debacle has routed over 100 FBI agents from other assignments to focus on her email nightmare. Those agents are all under strict orders not to disclose any information regarding the investigation, but some sources have confirmed that the agents involved would be "screaming" if Clinton didn't face penalties for what she did.

Clinton's campaign, true to form, has been adamant that Hillary had no knowledge that the emails she was receiving were of a classified nature. By placing the blame on the senders of the emails, however, Clinton is opening herself to criticism for not recognizing the classified material that has so far appeared in over 1,300 emails recovered from her server.

Investigators have stated that the classified information was easily recognized and that there is "no way" Clinton wouldn't have seen it for what it was.

Clinton needs to face penalties for her misdemeanors. She has obviously broken the law and needs to face at least the same penalties General Petraeus did for storing classified information on a personal server: 2 years probation and a $100,000 fine. Let's see some justice here!

h/t: WND

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