Shock and Awe everyone, and look out because here comes the Daisy Cutter.

“New York Times Reports WMDs WERE Found in Iraq!”

In the words of Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!” Does this really come as surprise to anyone with half a brain? It shouldn’t. While there has been an ongoing concerted effort by the media and liberals around the world to say WMDs were not and do not exist in Iraq, WMDs have, in fact, been found in Iraq throughout this decade-plus long war. Although the news in this regard was buried in the headlines, if it made the news at all.

Guessing the media finally had a fit of conscience and decided to edge toward the truth. How seemingly novel. Perhaps the age of lambasting “W” has waned. President Bush was a godsend of ceaseless fodder to the media, and still is to many a news outlet. Now it looks like the media is going to baby-step its way to exonerating him in the court of public opinion.

Iraq hid WMDs and repeatedly violated the UN. President Bush pointed this out, as did intelligence agencies around the world, and the UN, back in the early days of the war.  Both President Bush, and the UN, said these WMDs had been there since before the Iraq War, were still there, and needed to be gotten rid of. Seems simple enough.

Now that they are being found, what’s the majority of the media to do? Continue the lies, that’s what. Tell a lie often enough and people (particularly the dumb) will believe it. So, the new tone is for the media to say, those WMDs don’t count because they were there before the Iraq War.

Are these people morons? That question is rhetorical. Don't bother answering.

In the end, the truth prevails; WMDs were there, are there, and will continue to be there, until they are all rooted out. Believe it, but don't expect to hear about it in the "news."

h/t: Political Insider

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