Did you know there actually may exist the possibility that President Barry Soetoro is not an American citizen?

Before you go clicking away and chalking this up to the wild ramblings of a “birther” take a few moments to enlighten yourself to the ongoing actions of one former United States Department of Justice Attorney-Mr. Larry Klayman. As the article points out, Klayman has been quite successful in the past, suing Hugo Chavez, the Taliban and for Obama’s birth certificate.

Klayman’s premise is multi-faceted and begins with the edification of us all that at the time Soetoro was born, Hawaii was a newborn in our Union, and Hawaiin birth certificates, could be garnered regardless of where the child was born.

Likewise, Klayman makes the claim that Barry Soetoro is the legal name of our President, as his moniker does not appear to have ever been lawfully reverted to that of his birth, Barack Hussein Obama.

It is mind-boggling to think we may have elected a fraud to the highest office in the land, and allowed him to change the very fabric of our foundations. What does Klayman plan to do with these, among other revelations, in terms of weighing them against our nation’s laws in terms of potential lack of satisfaction thereof with respect to his presidency being lawful or legitimate?

He plans to pursue having Soetoro deported.

This is certainly an interesting story and one to stay abreast of.

h/t: Mr. Conservative

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