The entire country seems to have been swept by groups of angry liberal thugs, crying and rioting about the results of the presidential election. It looks as if most conservatives have chosen to sit this one out letting the liberals scream and burn themselves out, but this isn't the case in Dallas, Texas. Here, one brave conservative boldly chose to stand in front of a massive crowd of "not my president" protestors with an awesome 3-word-message, that needs to be recognized.

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Since Donald Trump was announced as the 45th President of the Unite States, outraged liberals who initially lauded the electoral system when they assumed Hillary Clinton would be elected were suddenly prepared to use violence and savagery to demand our electoral process be overturned. In just a few days, hundreds of George Soros-funded leftist demonstrators boarded buses and headed to Texas, blocking off roads and destroying property.

Because most Texans are peaceable right-wingers, the barbaric protesters have raged unopposed, only meeting resistance from the police when things took a violent turn. However, just when we thought that the mobs were going to continue their tantrum without objection from the right, one man faced off against Hillary Clinton’s shills with nothing more than a marker and poster board.


If a picture speaks a thousand words, then these 2 photos of a lone demonstrator facing off against a raging liberal mob of several hundred people say it all. FOX 4 News uploaded the snapshots of the unidentified young man, who fearlessly stood in Dealy Plaza before a massive crowd of anti-Trump agitators with 2 signs — one that reads “You’re All Crybabies” and another that states “Get Over It.”

The solemn-faced youth brazenly raised the signs in a one-man counter-protest that perfectly expresses the entitled and privileged attitudes of the anti-Trump mobsters. Incredibly, he sends his message without fear of being a target, especially considering the recent increase in violence against Trump supporters by Hillary supporters.

Further proving just how courageous this young man is to stand against such a dangerous crowd, Austin police officers have already been forced by violent anti-Trump protesters to resort to physical resistance. Mad World News reports that just 2 days into the Texas demonstrations, at least 2 protesters were arrested for physically assaulting police officers who were trying to keep the peace.

Video footage shows a crowd of at least 200 rioters approaching a small group of officers as they are placing cuffs on an unruly demonstrator. Within seconds, several of the criminal’s peers descend upon the arresting officers and one physically assaults a cop. The young man most likely learned it wasn’t a good idea when the officer grabs him and effortlessly spins him around and hurls him to the pavement.

Of course, these so-called protests are nothing more than political stages implemented by one of the U.S. election’s most powerful manipulators. It has been revealed that billionaire globalist George Soros is paying for hundreds of Hillary supporters across America to riot against Trump’s election. According to a Craiglist ad, activists are being paid $15 to $20 an hour as well as benefits in medical, dental, and even 401(k).

While these leftist communists are getting paid vacations and holidays to overthrow their own Democratic process, the rest of us hard-working taxpayers are watching as the system they believed they successfully rigged was taken back by a revolutionary front.

When Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012, the favorite slogan of the liberal left was “get over it.” We did. In fact, we got over it, got back to work, and elected our own candidate the same way they elected theirs. The major difference is that we didn’t riot like rabid animals. Now that they’ve lost fair and square, they just can’t seem to stand the taste of their own medicine.

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Source: Mad World News

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