Once again America’s military elite comes to the rescue, this time it’s the U.S. Army's elite Delta Force along with Kurdish and Iraqi forces and under the cover of darkness in northern Iraq, freed around 70 hostages from an ISIS controlled prison.

The frantic scene is from a newly released video showing parts of the mission in northern Iraq, amid the incessant crackle of gunfire, the soldiers usher the cowering men through darkened rooms.

The men are barefoot, most of them wearing long robes, some with large stains. As voices holler at them in the darkness to move quickly, they hurry across the debris-littered floor past the gun-wielding soldiers.

The rescue of the hostages, who the Pentagon said were facing "imminent mass execution,"

"We knew the hostages would soon be murdered," said Col. Steve Warren, the spokesman for the U.S. military operation against ISIS.

Taking part in the operation was Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler, and the first American to die in combat in Iraq in nearly four years.

The new video showing scenes from the raid near Hawija, in northern Kirkuk province, was released by the Kurdistan Regional Government. A U.S. military official confirmed its source and authenticity to CNN.

It was filmed from the helmet camera of one of the Kurdish soldiers, whose gun can be seen pointing at a barred window through which a glow is emanating, possibly from a fire.

Watch the video below:

Source: Fox



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