The conversation on Islamic terrorism and how to deal with the threat globally has been a rekindled as a hot debate topic. Though many 2016 Republican potential presidential candidates have not gotten out in front of the threat, one has chosen to speak out. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, according to the Daily Caller, called on Muslim leaders to take responsibility and call out the extremists.

““Let’s be honest here, Islam has a problem. if Islam does not support what is happening in the name of Islam, then they need to stand up and stop it, Many Islamic leaders argue that these are the acts of a radical few.”

This all comes from a prepared speech that he intends to give Monday in London. He started it all off the way we seem to have to these days, with caution or warning that he might NOT be PC. Plug your ignorant ears if you can not sit and listen to harsh criticism. As Governor Jindal sees it, not all Muslims are terrorists, and he has no interest in defaming a religion. Jindal says he is only interested in “facts” and ”reality”. The Louisiana governor stated that it was a fact that radical Islamists do not believe in “freedom or common decency”, we would be “fools to pretend otherwise”. Jindal ponders in the prepared speech, how many “moderate” Muslims truly exist. He believes that Muslim leaders need to “emphasize” the notion that terrorism “in the name of Islam” is not practicing Islam at all. The governor said that there was no “middle ground”. Not speaking out is in fact condoning terror.

He took shots at Hilary Clinton in his speech, that further nurtured the idea that there is possibly something politically to this. Jindal attacked Clinton wanting to “empathize” with the United States' enemies. He expressed that he was not opposed to understanding the Islamic terrorists, but only as far as it helps to defeat them. He called Clinton's strategy “mindless naivete”.

Governor Bobby Jindal spoke bluntly about his views on America's position in the world. He pointed out that in recent years, it has not been true of the U.S.

“I want America’s allies to trust us and respect us, and I want our enemies to fear us.”

He also lambasted the Left for discouraging assimilation, by immigrants, into American life. The Louisiana governor considers it a different philosophy that “crept in”, and belongs to the Left in America. However, he also expressed that it was also mainstream thought in Europe.

“This philosophy holds the view that it is wrong to expect assimilation, that assimilation is colonialist, assimilation is backward, and assimilation is in fact evidence of cultural bigotry and insensitivity. They think it is wrong to expect that people who chose to immigrate to your country should be expected to endorse and abide by your laws. They think it is unenlightened, discriminatory, and even racist to expect immigrants to endorse and assimilate into the culture in their new country.”

He expressed that this sentiment was “rubbish”. The old Ellis Island process, that was cherished by many American's ancestors, has been slowly eroding away. For all the flack that America gets for her expectations for new immigrants, one might direct their attention to immigration laws and expectations of many of these other countries.

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