Perhaps there’s something in the drinking water, or perhaps we’re all missing something in that the recent carnage in both Paris and in San Bernardino California could have been avoided if those terrorists were simply “Americanized.”

So says Margaret Carlson, a columnist for Bloomberg View, who apparently feels that all we need to do is perhaps give these barbarians a credit card, and perhaps a “value meal” at one of our burger joints; and the problem of RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM is solved.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” to discuss what she thought about the problem of terrorists in the United States, Carlson theorized, saying; “when they become Americanized, maybe the anger goes away.

Maybe what they snuck in to do, they’re not going to do because we do have an acceptance of these people.”

In short we’re the ones causing these folks to become barbarians; once again it’s our fault.

Her words came after playing a clip of Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA), who cautioned that what happened in Paris could very well happen here.

He warned that we have a community organizer in the White House and that, “Immigration without integration is not immigration, it’s an invasion, and we must not let that happen.”

It seems that in the convoluted world of progressivism, in which logic does not prevail, and where history is seldom referenced, what has been taking place since the 7th centaury of Muslim hordes invading and murdering infidels could have been perhaps easily solved, in Carlson’s view, if we simply reached out and touched a terrorist.

Perhaps Carlson should take the lead, and head out to a terrorist camp, and show us all how it’s done!

Carlson's complete words:

“Europe doesn’t know how to do it. France especially doesn’t know how to do it. England, not very good at it, and so, we have less of a problem. You know, those people who have snuck in, that, I don’t know if they’ve snuck in, but maybe they become Americanized, maybe the anger goes away. Maybe what they snuck in to do they’re not going to do, because we do have an acceptance of these people, as Congressman Ellison said. They’re more patriotic because they’re here, and they work harder.”



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