Cut off the hand that offends thee.  That is a portion of a Biblical lesson found in the New Testament.

However, if you are victim of violent, hostage-taking rape, you can always go for the penis of your attacker. What greater offense is there than to be sexually assaulted, let alone repeatedly?  Such is the case in Churhat, Sidhi district, India.

A woman went to her brother-in-law’s home while out of town for work. Thinking the place to be one of sheltered security was her great mistake.

Her brother-in-law proceeded to rape her for days. The last of his assaults resulted in the amputation-by-sickle, of his genitals. She then went to the local police station to tell of what happened. The local law enforcement went to investigate and found her rapist brother-in-law swinging from a tree.

A rightful place if ever there was one. Rapists are cowards after all and it seems only fitting he took the easy way out and killed himself.

Justice served up cold, penis in hand, right?  The victim was arrested suspected of attempted murder. Attempted Murder!!! The victim is standing strong and cares not a whit. “When he forced himself on me, I faked consent and severed his privates with a sickle.”

Good for her. For the time being, her freedom looks to be safe and the arrest simply part of the investigative process.

We can hope that this is the case and that she will be able to walk onward in her life, putting this nightmare behind her, and knowing she survived because of strength, and keeping her wits about her.

Source: Mad World News

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