Millions trust their lives every day to pilots, flight attendants, and baggage handlers who are counted on to do their job and do it right, complying with the rules set forth by federal regulation.

These professionals are relied upon so heavily that most people feel comfortable ignoring the review of procedures flight attendants are obligated to present before every takeoff, settling into our seats and adjusting the window shade instead – anything rather than being instructed on how to unbuckle a seatbelt.

For some grievance hunters, however, who go through life vigilantly surveying their surroundings for a whiff of affront to confirm their sense of victimhood, even a flight attendant obeying federal aviation regulations is cause not only for complaint, but a lawsuit.

Commercial flight is governed by the rules of the Federal Aviation Administration in Chapter 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), with Section 585 specifically laying out the requirements for passengers seated in emergency exit rows, prohibiting those who “would be unable to perform the tasks necessary to assist evacuation, because of physical infirmity, age, vision or hearing impairment, or the inability to read and understand instructions printed on the door or oral instructions of the crew.”

But when a flight attendant replaced a non-English speaking couple with another who spoke English in compliance with the FAA rule, a Black Lives Matter activist onboard was, not surprisingly, offended, even though neither couple involved objected.

Imani Cezanne, a BLM “community organizer” determined the couple, “looked frustrated and upset because they physically had to get up … I felt it was necessary for me to say something.”

Cezanne apparently recognized an opportunity for personal gain and began a Twitter thread to her friends, asking:

“Who knows a lawyer? Specifically one that is well versed in racism/discrimination. American Airlines bout to cash this Black girl out.”

After she was removed from the plane for becoming “unruly,” according to an airline spokesman, she tweeted she’d been singled out for, “Flying While Black,” a statement on par with another BLM fiction, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” which also had no basis in fact.

Source: NYDailyNews


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