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Imagine for a moment a racially divisive hate group, pretending to be a civil rights organization, however, with a history of promoting racial discord, intimidation and violence, attempting to dictate to local Vancouver law enforcement not to take part in or protect their city’s annual gay pride parade.

Now imagine the hate group asking the police to stand down and that group being “Black Lives Matter,” and you immediately began to realize how insane this whole thing becomes.

That was the issue facing Vancouver Police spokesman Sgt. Randy Fincham, who received an open letter from “Black Lives Matter” activists asking the police to voluntarily withdraw from protecting both those participating in parade and those in attendance.

However the issue was quickly resolved as expected when Fincham responded to the bizarre request;

“We will have a visible police presence both walking in the parade, and securing the parade route,” he said in an email.

The city began hosting “Pride Week” on Monday, and Mayor Gregor Robertson responded to the strange request and acknowledging that he had a meeting with members of “Black Lives Matter, “ commenting;

“I just want to speak to an important development, certainly that we’ve seen across Canada and down south, everybody’s talking, which is wonderful. We all share common goals of working together toward inclusivity and safety and providing space for marginalized and racialized queer communities here in Vancouver. And solidarity between the communities is truly what we need.”

No doubt the good mayor’s heart is in the right place, however true to form when it comes to this hate group there’s always a back-story, in that a little intimidation does indeed go far.

In early July Toronto’s “Black Lives Matter” chapter forcibly stopped the countries largest gay pride parade, and demanded more funding and better representation, in short what America’s race hustlers do so successfully, their counterpart in Canada are also doing, namely blackmail, intimidation and if need be violence.

Source: My McMurray

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