Why can’t we all just get along? We’ve all heard that one right?  Well, this video is a prime example of why normal people can’t get along with violent idiots. Particularly the Black Lives Matter thugs.

Recently, at Trump rally in New York, the Black Lives Matter crowd screamed, “We are here to protest against hatred!”

They screamed that as one of their own violently assaulted a Trump supporter. In fact, the hateful bigoted black thuggette actually spit in the face of an older white woman.

She chased her saliva and snot filled spewage with a classic BLM sentiment, “F*** you!” Then, when the victim tried to get a picture of her attacker, the crowd did the hands-up-don’t shoot dance so as to further infringe upon her “hate.”

This had absolutely nothing to do with Trump, for or against. It had to do with a group of mental midgets who are out to rule the world with violence and arrogance. Sound familiar? Black people everywhere should be utterly ashamed. The degenerates among them are becoming Jihadists in their own right.

If the black community continues to be silent, then they are no better than “moderate” Muslims. Perhaps like Islam the world is left with a group of people who can be placed into two groups; BLM thugs and moderates.

Get your thugs under control Black Americans. This game of violent stupidity has gone on long enough. Too many people have died, too many people have been injured, and far too little has been done to stop it, and next to no one among the community has spoken out.

As the victim said, “This is a free country!”  Let’s keep it that way.

Source: Mad World News


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